The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) have created a new version of the ACHS Clinical Indicators (version 7).  These differ slightly from version 6 which have been and continue to be accessible in AOS. 

AROC is in the process of building the latest version of the ACHS Clinical Indicator reports into AOS. The first four clinical indicators are able to be derived from the current AROC dataset and are available to access now. The final two clinical indicators require changes to be made to the AROC dataset, and to the AROC data upload system. Services who use AROC Online Data Entry will be able to collect these new data items required to create indicators 5 and 6 from 1 October as part of data entry. Services who upload their data to AROC will require their IT to make changes to their IT system to both enable collection of the new data items and include them in the AROC Data extract - please direct your IT to contact for the data specifications required for these new data items.  

AROC has modified our data collection forms to include all of the new items that will be required to create indicators 5 & 6.  You can download these forms now and begin collecting these items so that you're ready to submit this information when AOS is updated.