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AROC Online Services (AOS) is a website which allows you to access many of AROC's services including:

  • Data Entry, Upload and Extract
  • FIM and WeeFIM Credentiallng
  • Access to AROC Benchmarking Reports
  • Contact and Facility management

To use AOS you will need a login provided by AROC.  

To use the FIM credentialing system you will need a FIM ID.

If you don't have the relevant login, use the following links to find out how to apply for an appropriate login:

  • Applying for an AOS Login: for access to Data Entry, Data Upload, Benchmark Report access or FIM/WeeFIM Trainers and Coordinators
  • Applying for a FIM ID: FIM IDs are issued upon request by your FIM or WeeFIM Trainer or Coordinator, follow this link for more information.

If you already have a login, you can login from the AOS login page:

Once you have logged in, the relevant chapter of the manual explains how to use that feature.  Follow one of the links from the menu on the left.

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