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What is it and can I purchase it?

The 'FIM Online Refresher with Exam Key' is an initiative of AROC which provides an interactive online learning experience to help you remember everything FIM.

The module is designed to help REFRESH your understanding of the 18 items and should be completed using your Manual. It is assumed you already have significant knowledge of how to use the assessment tool theoretically and practically.

You can purchase and use this product as long as you have previously been credentialed, have attended a face-to-face training workshop within the past 4 years, and have current credentialing or been expired for less than 12 months.  

If you have recently attended a face-to-face training workshop, you can choose to purchase either this product OR just the FIM Exam Key.

It is highly recommended that you refresh your FIM knowledge every four years, either by using this product, or by attending a face-to-face workshop.  

It's important to understand that this is a refresher course, and does not replace your initial face-to-face training.  


Some of the benefits of the FIM Online Refresher are:

  • You won't have to travel, or wait for a face-to-face workshop in your area
  • You can complete your training at your own convenience
  • It includes practice questions with feedback so you can test your understanding before taking the exam
  • You have one month after activation to complete the Refresher and the Exam, and in that time you can come and go from the website as often as you want. But remember - after submitting the exam, if you do not achieve the required 80+% pass mark for a FIM clinician, you will only have two more attempts.
  • It's much cheaper than attending a face-to-face workshop

How does it work?

The FIM Online Refresher uses information, pictures and case studies to explain each of the 18 FIM items; and includes two example questions with feedback for each item (note, these questions will NOT appear in the FIM Exam).

You can work through the FIM items in order, or use the main menu to select items in any order you please.  You can also review items multiple times.

We've included some screenshots from the FIM Online Refresher below to give you an impression of the system. 

We are very proud of this new initiative and hope it helps you to understand and/or remember everything you need to know about FIM.

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